1990 American Silver Eagles

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The 1990 Silver American Eagles showed some improvement over the previous years sales making it the second successive year to do so.

Two factors probably influenced that positive swing. First, the price of silver during the year continued a decline that started a few years before resulting in the average cumulative price of the precious metal to come in at $4.83 an ounce for 1990. This average was $.68 lower than it was in 1989. Even worse, the bottom for the year occurred mid-December and stood at $3.95 an ounce.

The low cost of silver probably improved the numbers for the bullion Silver Eagles pushing them up to attain 5,840,110, or 636,783 more than had been seen the previous year. That equates to an increase of 12.2%.

Shown below in the table is the total number of bullion Silver Eagles sold by the US Mint to its network of authorized purchasers during each month of 1990. It does not directly indicate the number of 1990-dated Eagles, however, as some of the strikes sold in a month may have been minted in another year. For specific year-dated mintage, see further below

1990 Bullion Silver Eagles Sold

January 1,616,000   July 160,000
February 450,000   August 420,000
March 700,000   September 250,000
April 250,000   October 955,000
May 340,000   November 330,000
June 360,000   December 1,416,000


Proof Silver Eagles for the year were probably most influenced by the fact that the Mint instituted a mintage limit for the first time on the strikes. Setting it at 700,000 (less than 15% above the amount sold the previous year), collectors probably felt a sense of urgency in ordering the coins knowing there was a top cap in place. As such, the Mint sold 695,510 of the strikes – very near its maximum mintage.

As with the previous Proof Silver Eagles, these were struck at the US Mint’s facility in San Francisco and bear the appropriate ‘S’ mintmark. In fact, even the bullion coins were struck in San Francisco, but obviously no mintmark is present on those. The Proofs would continue to be struck in the same place for another two years before the US Mint’s facility in Philadelphia would assume the role of striking them in 1993.

The 1990 Proof Silver Eagles were sold by the Mint for $23 a piece.

1990 Silver Eagle Mintages

Bullion Mintage: 5,840,110
Proof Mintage: 695,510

1990 Silver Eagle Specifications

Weight: 31.101 grams (1.000 ounces)
Diameter: 1.598 inches (40.60 mm)
Thickness: 0.117 inches (2.98 mm)
Composition: 99.93% silver, 0.07% copper

1990 Silver Eagle Design

Mint Mark: Bullion – None, Proof – ‘S’
Edge: Reeded
Obverse Designer: Adolph A. Weinman
Reverse Designer: John Mercanti

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