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Appearing as the third annual release of the Uncirculated American Silver Eagle series was the 2008-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle. These coins were issued by the United States Mint and would actually also be the last of the series to appear for another three years.

The Uncirculated Eagles made their debut in 2006 as part of a 20th anniversary celebration of the Silver Eagle Program which dates back to 1986. That year, the US Mint first released both Proof and Bullion Silver Eagles.

Proof Silver Eagles were (and are) struck by the United States Mint for collectors while Bullion Silver Eagles are struck for investors. These Uncirculated Silver Eagles added to the collector-grade Silver Eagle line-up from the US Mint.

Uncirculated Silver Eagles proved popular with collectors in their first three years of availability, but bullion Eagle demand would ultimately cancel Uncirculated Silver Eagle production for two years. In 2009, investors turned to the Bullion Eagles in record numbers forcing the US Mint to cancel both proof and uncirculated Silver Eagle production that year and divert all available blank planchets towards bullion production.

Demand for the bullion Eagles remained elevated in 2010 but increased planchet supply allowed the Mint to also strike 2010 Proof Silver Eagles but Uncirculated Silver Eagles still remained cancelled for the year. Finally, in 2011, the US Mint would resume Uncirculated Silver Eagle production.

All Silver Eagles (bullion, proof and uncirculated) features similar designs and specifications. This includes an obverse of "Walking Liberty" as designed by Adolph A. Weinman and a reverse of a heraldic eagle with shield by US Mint engraver John Mercanti.

Each is also struck from one ounce of .999 fine silver with a diameter of 40.60mm. The only defining differences among the coins is their finish, intended markets and mintmarks. Bullion Eagles are sold to investors through a network of authorized purchasers and contain no mintmark. Proof and these uncirculated Silver Eagles are sold directly to collectors by the US Mint and showcase a mintmark on their reverse.

2008 Silver Eagle Mintages

According to the United States Mint, a total of 535,598 of the 2008-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagles were sold. Each was initially offered for $25.95 with a release date of March 17, 2008.

In comparison, the US Mint records a total of 700,979 of the 2008-W Proof American Silver Eagles sold with 20,583,000 year-dated 2008 Bullion Silver Eagles sold. The average London Fix for Silver in 2008 was $14.99 an ounce.

2008-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagles on Sale

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