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The 2011-W Proof American Silver Eagle continued a series of numismatic coins from the United States Mint with a history dating back to 1986. In fact, this 2011 Proof Silver Eagle was also issued as part of the special 25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Set celebrating twenty five years of the series.

American Silver Eagles were first issued in 1986 in both bullion and this proof variety. Congress authorized the bullion series with the passage of the Liberty Coin Act of 1985 as a means to reduce the nation’s stockpile of silver by turning it into silver coinage. The United States Mint also opted to create a numismatic version by issuing a Proof Silver Eagle which turned into an annual series alongside the bullion Eagle.

The Proof Eagles have been minted annually with one exception. In 2009, the US Mint was forced to cancel their production in response to unprecedented bullion demand. Under federal law at the time, the US Mint was required to produce bullion Silver Eagles in sufficient quantities to meet demand so Proof Silver Eagles were cancelled and all available blank planchets were diverted to bullion production.

The popularity of Proof Silver Eagles was not harmed (and perhaps helped) by the omission of one year in production. 2010 Proof Silver Eagle sales were high enough to classify the year as one of the best despite only being available for several weeks.

The interest in the series peaked even higher with these 2011 Eagles. Part of those sales, however, were helped by the release of the aforementioned 25th Anniversary Set of which 100,000 were sold that included a standard 2011 Proof Silver Eagle among four other Silver Eagle varieties.

2011 Proof Silver Eagle Mintages

The United States Mint indicates that a total of 850,000 of the individual 2011-W Proof American Silver Eagles were sold. An additional 100,000 were sold as part of the five-coin 25th Anniversary Set giving a total mintage for the strike of 950,000. That total gives the 2011 version the status as the third best ever in the history of the Eagle program to that point. Pricing of the Proof Silver Eagle varied with debut pricing of $59.95, a later high of $68.45 and a low of $58.95.

Bullion Silver Eagle demand remained high in 2011 with the US Mint recording a total of 40,020,000 year-dated strikes sold – a new annual record. The average London Fix for Silver for 2011 was $35.12 an ounce.

2011-W Proof American Silver Eagles on Sale

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