2012 American Silver Eagle Bullion Sales Soar in Opening

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Bullion versions of the 2012 American Silver Eagle were released Tuesday, January 3. Coin sales have been on fire during their first week, according to the latest stats from the United States Mint.

United States Mint Authorized Purchasers (AP’s), the only entities authorized to purchase bullion products directly from the United States Mint, ordered 3,197,000 on the first day. By Friday, bullion sales reached 3,547,000 for the American Silver Eagle.

For a perspective, the opening day total ranked January 2012 bullion sales higher than half of the monthly levels in 2011 and by Friday the count moved to more than eight months. On a monthly basis, sales have not been as high since September, which was the second best month of last year.

Of course January tends to be one of the best months in a year for bullion coins. While the precious metals market is huge component in dictating demand, the United States Mint releases the newly-dated coins in January and that helps to drive sales. As an example, AP’s ordered 6.422 million Eagles in January 2010, making it the best month since the American Silver Eagle debuted in November 1986. The current Silver Eagle sales pace is on track to make January 2012 the new monthly record holder, but obviously, it is still early in the month.

Also, a portion of this month’s 3.5+ million sales tally includes 2011-dated Silver Eagles. Since the United States Mint has remaining inventory from last year, buyers must order one of the older coins for every four of the newer ones.

While the Mint has been adding to its 2012 product schedule, there is currently no indication as two when collector versions of the 2012 Silver Eagle will launch. Last year’s proof sold out but the Mint is still offering the 2011-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle for $45.95. The most recent weekly sales have their number up 4,941 to 230,343.


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