Bullion American Silver Eagles Rebound with March Sales of 2.542M

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Demand for bullion American Silver Eagles rebounded in March 2012 following a sluggish previous month. United States Mint sales of the 99.9% fine silver coin totaled 2,542,000 for a nearly 71% increase over the 1,490,000 in February. United States Mint buyers, however, did order more last year during the same time as March 2011 sales totaled 2,767,000.

The level last month does not merit a top 10 or even top 15 monthly ranking as has been the case for many months last year and most recently in January when sales reached over 6.1 million — the second highest monthly amount in the series 26-year history. But it was one of the better March totals — 4th best to be specific. Sales came directly behind the same month in 2011 at 2,767,000, then 2009 at 3,132,000 and finally 2010 at 3,381,000.

Compared to the past 12 months, the month ranks a lowly 10th as highlighted in the following monthly grid.

Month & Year Monthly Rank Sales Total
March 2012 10 2,542,000
February 2012 12 1,490,000
January 2012 1 6,107,000
December 2011 11 2,009,000
November 2011 13 1,384,000
October 2011 6 3,064,000
September 2011 2 4,460,500
August 2011 3 3,679,500
July 2011 7 2,968,000
June 2011 5 3,402,000
May 2011 4 3,653,500
April 2011 8 2,819,000
March 2011 9 2,767,000


Sales total 10,139,000 through the first three months of this year. That is the second highest total in the first quarter of a year, right behind sales of 12,429,000 in first quarter 2011.

Unlike collector proof and uncirculated American Silver Eagles, bullion versions are not sold directly by the United States Mint to the public. All of the Mint’s bullion products are released through its network of Authorized Purchasers. These AP’s buy from the Mint in bulk and resell in smaller quantities.

For always updated figures, visit this site’s Silver Eagles sales page.


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