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Officials at the United States Mint are considering the option of yearly American Silver Eagle Sets, if a recent survey can be any indicator. As if the possibility was not enough to interest coin collectors, the Mint has added a little frosting to the cake by indicating that it intends to strike a 2012-S Uncirculated American Silver Eagle.

The potential for annual American Eagle Sets was brought to light through a survey created by National Analysts Worldwide on behalf of the U.S. Mint. That survey was presented to potential collectors and eluded to the fact that annual sets could be a thing of the future, with a 2012 American Silver Eagle Set possibly just around the corner.

Text of the survey indicated as much with:

"This set will be the first in a series of annual special silver coin sets that the U.S. Mint will begin producing once per year, beginning in 2012. The second installment (featuring additional unique coins) would be produced in 2013.

The U.S. Mint plans to manufacture 300,000 of these sets. Once these are sold, no additional sets will be available. There will be a purchase limit of 1 set per household. The price of this set will be approximately $125."

What exactly would be included in said set is not yet known. Survey content listed a 2012-S Uncirculated American Silver Eagle and a 2012-S Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle as possibilities. Those two coins would equate to the projected $125 price point when past numismatic American Silver Eagle pricing is considered.

Future annual sets could be composed of different strikes with the survey requesting input on potential options. Some of those listed options included unique design features such as ultra-high reliefs and reverse proofs. Also listed was the possibility of special mint marks not typically used for the series by the United States Mint, such as proof or uncirculated Silver Eagles produced at the US Mint’s facility in Denver and thus containing a ‘D’ mintmark. Other standard Eagle strikes were also shown to fill out the possible options.

It is not surprising that the Mint would consider expanding on the annual sets. Last year’s American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set was intensely sought after by collectors. The five-coin 25th Anniversary Set (which contained two strikes exclusive to the set) was released on October 27, 2011 at a price point of $299.95. In less than five hours, the entire mintage of 100,000 sets had been ordered, leading to a flurry of activity and elevated prices in the secondary market.

One of the two unique coins within the 25th Anniversary Set was the 2011-S Uncirculated American Silver Eagle struck at the San Francisco Mint. A comment in the 2011 U.S. Mint Annual Report by Richard A. Peterson, Deputy Director of the United States Mint, suggests that the 2011-S Eagle could become a standard offering:

"We …reprised the West Point mint mark for the American Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin in 2011 and look forward to expanding this offering to include the San Francisco mint mark in 2012."

When this new coin or the possible American Silver Eagle Sets could appear on the Mint’s store shelves is not yet known.

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